Apr 4, 2011

Making use of lead.

I unilaterally declared that last Friday would be a "mental health day" and didn't go to work.  In truth, I was feeling terribly run down, if not actually sick, and Thursday had been pretty hellish.  So poof.  

The problem with taking a mental health day, I discovered, was that it quickly became clear just how bad I'd needed it and how, as much as I don't want to admit it, I've reached The Point with this job that I've reached with other jobs.  The Point where you realize you just can't keep it up for much longer.  All the crap you told yourself about how it's a good job and you're lucky to have one has also gone poof.  Now it's just a matter of what's next.  

Anyway, the unplanned day off was not a total loss and certainly lots better than being truly sick and horking up terrible things all day.  I did this:

Is the photo this bad on purpose?  Yes it is.  It allows me to tell myself that it's not my drawing that sucks, it's my phone camera. (I like my bubbles intact.) I took that drawing class about a year ago now and my practicing of all that I learned has been, um, sparse.  But it felt really, really good to give it a try again.  So yeah.  Mental health.


  1. at least not bullets!!!

    nice work KB. I imagine many long minutes went by where you were totally absorbed in the drawing and therefore transcended and experienced 'mental health.' good for you.

    re: job. yes. same. hmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Damn -- I hadn't even thought about the potential bullet reference! Yikes! And hmmmm indeed. We've got more to offer than what we're getting health insurance for, right?

  3. hey.. this is my hobby too. I took courses, and all.. but my sketch book and pencils are woefully being neglected now. some day..

  4. Rohini -- Just sit down, pencil & paper, and do it! It felt so good just to *try,* literally on the spur of the moment, and get lost in it for an hour. I kept telling myself, "It's just pencil and paper -- who cares how it turns out?"

  5. drawing people is really hard. well done for the mental health day and for practicing. me, i draw feathers.

    my advice about the job (since you asked. not.) is that now that you've consciously reached that point, don't hang out too long. it's not good for you in the long run. this i know all too well.


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